AztextIt Mini Theme

This theme includes 99 themed icons, 4 wallpapers (hot pink, yellow, light blue, and teal), full biteSMS theme, colorkeyboard & colorkeyboard popup keys.


AztextIt Walls Only - $1.50

AztextIt Mini - $3

As always Open in iFile, Unarchiver, cut&paste into Var/Stash/Themes, then cut&paste the following..

Place biteSMS in: Library/biteThemes

Place colorkeyboard in: Library/colorkeyboard/themes

Place popups in: Library/colorkeyboard/popups

To save wallpapers to your cameraroll click the wallpaper name, click image viewer, then click the icon at the bottom that appears to be a folder with an arrow.

The font is Anjelika Rose from, I can’t remember where the weather is from as I have had it for over 2 years now.

If there happen to be any weird shadows just dowload No Icon Shadows from Cydia :)

VS Pink Nation

Long wait i know, but life happens :)

This time around I will be offering the BiteSMS theme separately for those that do not wish to download the entire UI (that will be posted in the next couple of days), and to cut down on the file size. Therefore bitesms will not be included with the UI, but the chatkit will. Go ahead and get yours today! 

Depending on how busy I get this week I could have the add-ons up by the end of the week, but I am going to try and get AeroFB & Tweetbot out first for those that have been patiently waiting while I’ve been working on my house.

What’s themed:

5 wallpapers, Notes, Mail, SMS/iMSG, Calendar, Calculator, Safari, Alarm Clock, Notification Center, SBSettings, ColorKeyboard, Statusbar, Statusbar Icons, Zeppelin, Lockscreen, Lockscreen Battery, over 70 icons & MORE!

*Fonts used in this theme are Honey Script (available in Cydia) & Anjelika Rose (from






Allow safari to fully load the dropbox page before closing it out.

Cut & Paste into: var/stash/mobile/library/bitethemes

Enable in BiteSMS

VSBite - $2

Cut & Paste into: var/stash/themes

Enable in Winterboard

VS Pink Nation UI - $3.50 

Unarchiver and save to Cameraroll

Only Wallpapers  - $2


Winterboard Icon Fix

AERO UI & AddOns

I am so happy to bring this colorful UI theme to y’all! I will be adding app themes as soon as I finish them, so check back daily to see what has been added to this post. The font used is Swagger, and will be added soon.

This UI includes: mail, sms/bitesms, calendar, safari, music player, settings, phone, cameraroll, signals, battery, almost 100 app icons, sbsettings, and more!

I’ve changed how I theme BiteSMS so this time you will take the folder named AeroBite and place it in Var/mobile/Library/biteThemes and enable in BiteSMS settings/themes. A huge THANKS goes out to Lucy for fixing the forceclose issue, it now works smoothly!

Two lovely ladies, Cathy & Heather, helped me out and were nice enough to make ColorKeyboards to be posted for free, you will place those in Var/Library/Colorkeyboard/Themes and enable in Settings/ColorKeyboard. You will have to already have ColorKeyboard from Cydia installed to use them.

*OpenNotifiers in screenshots below are either from a post below, or from, matching Aero OpenNotifiers will be posted soon.

Some Screenshots..












(^^ ColorKeyboard A)


(^^ ColorKeyboard B)










If something happens and your safari times out,

do not repurchase, just email me your paypal receipt email

and I will get the link to you within 24hrs.

AeroUI - $5

AeroIG - $2

AeroKik - $2

Beautiful Zepp - $free

ColorKeyboard A - $free by @cuteeiphone

Popup Keys - $free by @cuteeiphone

ColorKeyboard B -$free by @mustbeheather

XL LockHTML Widget - $free by Lucy

Swagger Font - $free

AeroFB - $2.50 (coming soon)

AeroTweetbot & Twitter - $2.50 (coming soon)

AeroOpenNotifiers - $free (coming soon)

Hope you enjoy!


Leopard Icon Pack

This is a custom request that I got, and they were sweet enough to want everyone to be able to get them as well! This only includes the icons (almost 100 apps themed, more to be added as I go). You can find the Statusbar, the Notif Bubble, and signals in Spring UI theme. The Matching OpenNotifiers to the Spring UI are at, and the Zeppelin is a custom that I made (I take requests for $1 per Zeppelin). Wallpaper cannot be shared.


Unarchiver, cut/paste to Var/Stash/Themes, Enable in Winterboard

LeopardIcons $2

Hope yall enjoy them!

Sweet Neo Icons

Works for iPhone 4 & 5

This is only an icon theme, nothing else is themed.
Please make sure Summerboard is turned ON in Winterboard.

Unarchiver > Cut/Paste > Place in Var/Stash/Themes > Enable in Winterboard

SweetNeoIcons  $2

TiffanyUI for os6

Whew! This update has been more time consuming than I thought it was going to be, so I apologize for the delay. I will be theming the music player, then Facebook, then Tweetbot, then Foursquare. Check back every couple of days for additional addons :)

(Font is KG Feeling 22, and can be found for iphone at OpenNotifiers seen in screenshots below can be found in a previous post, otherwise everything seen is included in the UI theme and more!)





The UI and larger app files are very large due to the amount of images themed, so PLEASE allow for safari to load the download page. Do not close out safari until you have been prompted to “open in ifile”. It is best if you do so on wifi. As always you will unarchiver>cut>paste in var/stash/themes>apply in winterboard.

For the opennotifiers to work you will have to haave downloaded OpenNotifier from Cydia, once you unarchiver the file you will select ALL OF THE IMAGES - copy and paste the IMAGES not the folder into Library/Zeppelin, and then apply from Settings/Opennotifier.

If you have bought a TiffanyUI theme in the past please forward me your paypal receipt and I will get the download link back to you within 24 hours. Please save email for future updates.

No refunds due to the products provided.

TiffanyUI $5

TiffanyFB $3

TiffanyIG $3

TiffanyBatt $1

TiffanyBot $5 (coming soon)

TiffanyOpenNotifiers (free)

TiffanyGlittercons (free)

TiffanyFolders (free & coming soon)

Black&Pink HK Bow Signals

BowSignals - $2.50

*please remember to let the successful page load once your donation goes through because it will redirect you to the download link.


RedBook - $5

Red/Grey/Black Facebook theme.

*please remember to let the successful page load once your donation goes through because it will redirect you to the download link.

White Leopard BiteSms/iMessage works with os6

White Leopard Imsg $5

- pink & turquoise convo bubbles with tokidoki diamond icons within, a matching white leopard background, typing status icon, and navbar.

Goes great above Pinkified BiteSms/iMessage in Winterboard.

*please remember to let the successful page load once your donation goes through because it will redirect you to the download link.

Grey Leopard BiteSMS/iMessage works with os6

Grey Leopard iMsg $5

- pink & purple convo bubbles with black heart icons (an i within the heart when sending an imsg), a matching grey leopard background, typing status icon, and navbar.

Goes great above Pinkified BiteSMS (or SMS/iMessage) available for free here or in Cydia :)

*please remember to let the successful page load once your donation goes through because it will redirect you to the download link.